Renée Furrer

Day of creation and artistic exchange

You are a company interested in innovation and developing the creativity of your staff.  Dare to try something different with the Discovery package.

To promote exchanges, to develop a better view in the workplace, to create good relations between your staff and make communication more effective, offer your employees different and innovative moments through a really creative experience.


A full day to dare to regain your creativity, to experiment in new areas, to be open to new ideas, to rediscover one’s spontaneity, freshness and authenticity.

Go on an adventure and take the plunge into a work of art.

Share with staff a different moment to get to know one each other better and build relationships.

Dare to explore and innovate so that each person goes home with a new experience. Spend a relaxing day of mutual and personal understanding

Our goal, my goal is a day unlike any other.

A benefit to your company and a benefit to your staff.


Individual and group work, interaction between participants, work on colour and its positive and reactive actions, research into  the force of colours between themselves, primary and complementary colours, preparation and production of one’s own palette. Creation of one or several personal and collective (group) works of art.

Acrylic paint and pastel colours on different types of paper
Full day on site, in a big space where each participant has their own individual work space on a table (i.e conference room or other large space)

Duration of the workshop: 5 hours, to be agreed between noon and 5pm or between 2pm and 7pm. Saturday morning or full day is also possible.
Premises available: One large room with access to water nearby
Materials provided by the participant: Paper, brushes, paintings, plastic covers, wooden planks to work with, cleaning cloths.

Number of participants: between 12 and 14 people maximum.
Price: CHF. 1’600. -per workshop – material, preparation and transport included.