Renée Furrer


Poetry of the unchangeable gesture, fixed by acid. The engravings lead me to the simplicity of language and line. For me, they are akin to winter, a season of simplicity of colours during which the lines are visible. Inspiration of meeting places and free zones.

With engraving, I play with the space between the positive and negative, between silence and movement where the empty becomes liberty in order to move on the surface. On a copper carrier, I work with two processes, the etching (acid) and the intaglio printing (point).

After the engraving itself, comes the printing. I print out my proofs myself; they wear all artists’ proofs. They are numbered1/1, so each print-out is unique.

The variation with a plate comes into play during printing by a collage, by the orientation of the plate, its colour or the dialogue with other plates.

Often a line or a second plan drawn will complete the work after its printing

The line will then become the principal element that then meets other poetic forms hollowed out by the acid.