Renée Furrer


Painting is like a free space where expression becomes movement and atmospheres (become) coloured. Spaces that allow dreaming and escapism

Transparencies,soft materials, collages, and acrylic give life to this poetry.

At the start it is a rapid and spontaneous work of construction and of composition through the collage of silk paper. Its cut-out form plays around with the principal space or brings a lightly embossed texture reminiscent of the lines and marks of engraving. These link the dynamic surfaces of the painting.  Layer after layer of acrylic paint, I search for luminous and coloured shades, which will give life and action to the piece.

Atmospheres and natural spaces, inspired by the roads travelled and transformed into a lyrical abstraction.

The painting has its own flow. A back and forth movement between the outside and the inside, between itself and its creator, between itself and its spectator. This movement is also a move from one place to another, from one window to another, from one painting to another.

Poetry of an unchanging gesture and the search for intimate places in which one loses oneself. The pastels will, as a final act, revive and revitalise the painting “The duality between my various expressions is like a face-to-face encounter between sobriety and abundance”