Renée Furrer

The artist

Renée lives and works in Satigny in the Genevan countryside.

Her passion: nature in all its forms…

The mountain, partner in crime of her drawings and travels, has fed her work. From her training as an Architect, she has kept the rigour that we find in her engravings, the search for space found in her paintings and the sure and determined path of her stroke that make her drawings come to life

She studied in numerous art schools in Geneva and at an engraving studio. Her work leans towards lyrical abstraction, a form of poetry of the landscape.


Her approach begins with painting and very quickly deviates, manifesting finally as an engraving .Drawing is added as a necessary truth.

In the beginning, each technique was practised for its own sake then gradually they came together and formed new works in which the meeting of one or the other is a complement to the visual space.

From the figurative to the abstract, she moves from one to the other to reignite the viewer’s interest. The use of various techniques allows each one to develop and to feed the others without ever becoming stuck in an expression lacking both freshness and spontaneity. When speaking of Renee’s work, one can only multiply the verbs used. . She collects. She draws. She sticks. She cuts. She turns. She covers-up. She recovers and retrieves. She scratches. She erases. She crosses out. She invents from the illegible. She flattens. She exhibits. She exposes herself. She brings us face on, time after time, with the obvious and the seeming; only simple and essential gestures. With Renée Furrer, the tableau does not refer to the hereafter : its serious and massiveness speaks for itself like a harmonious, autonomous edifice. She focuses her interest on the particular qualities of painting that are born from relations between forms, colours, writing, the substance and the materials. She is an organic whole whose pictorial truth goes far beyond all idea of representation or meaning. Her paintings maintain a particular relationship with the space invested. They have the capacity to disconnect themselves from everything around them and impose their unusual dimensions. The light reflects sometimes in a smooth and satin halo or sometimes in a dense and shining crackle. Her work thus harbours a bright unlimited potential. It is a space of both strength and contrast.

Christine Ventouras, Krisal Art Gallery